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Yeah, we do that.

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When Nothing Else Works

You know that regardless of the number and types of integrations any product has, you can count on being able to use spreadsheets to move around data.

Upload and Go

Get your registration list into a spreadsheet and we can take it from there.


Have No Fear

Event data, integrations, API keys – this stuff can be confusing and we’d rather you make your event great than become an IT professional. That’s why we’re here to help you.

Spreadsheet Uploads

For smaller events maybe a spreadsheet is all you need, and nearly every software product will export to spreadsheet format as “data sharing of last resort.” You can either upload yourself, or our support team can assist you – our job is to take your headaches away.

Easy Data Upload

We designed EventHero to support event professionals with these key features and benefits in mind:


  • This is where we explain the great features of EventHero but let’s face it, spreadsheet upload is a “Yes/No” kind of thing, and we are a big huge “Yes.”


Spreadsheet upload is included. You know those people who tack nickles on for everything? That’s not EventHero.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


We support a wide array of #EventTech software through our integrations but just in case you’re not on one of those systems, as long as you have a spreadsheet or export your data to on, you can upload it into EventHero.

For some features we let you upload it yourself, for everything else we take care of it. Don’t worry, taking away your tech headaches is what we do here.

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