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Super Powers for Your Event

Real-time, on-site event management software that works with your favorite registration system

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Ready to be a Hero?

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"You guys ROCK! I mean, seriously! As a company and your customer service! Five stars!"

~ C.B., National Instruments

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Your event just got smarter.

And faster. And easier to produce. With less stress and fewer things to worry about. Join the hundreds of event planners that have used EventHero to make their events more convenient, more flexible, more integrated and more informative - for themselves, their attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. [bs_button size="lg" type="primary" value="Next: Super Powers!" href="#start"]


Stop Making A Superhuman Effort.

Start Using Your Superpowers.

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Why work with EventHero?

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Your Origin Story: How do you begin?

Connect your favorite registration system to EventHero and we’ll help you do the rest. Some of our registration partners include:
  • Eventbrite
  • Regonline
  • BusyConf
  • eTouches
  • Event Espresso
  • ...and more
Don’t see yours listed? Contact us. (Don’t worry: you can always use a spreadsheet if that’s still your favorite tool.) [bs_button size="lg" type="primary" value="Next: QR-Coded Badges" href="#vision"] [/bs_col] [bs_col class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6"] reg_sys_logos_3 [/bs_col][/bs_row]
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Super Vision: EventHero Name Badges let you see that your attendees are having the experience you want them to.

In two-clicks, you can generate QR-coded name badges that uniquely identify your attendees to each other - and to you.
  • Print them yourself using standard Avery™ badge stock (or compatible)
  • Have them delivered by an EventHero Certified Partner
  • Use your favorite printing and assembly method (e.g. PC Nametag)
Need to print badges on-site? We’ve got you covered. Use standard Brother™ label printers and blank badge shells for perfect, uniform badges, every time. And of course these badges are also the core of our Qrious Lead Retrieval System. Your sponsors and exhibitors can easily scan badges and you can even offer them alerts or other data in real-time. You don’t have the kind of event that needs badges? Your superpowers aren’t limited. Read on. [bs_button size="lg" type="primary" value="Next: Real-Time Notifications" href="#alerts"] [/bs_col][/bs_row]
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Knowledge at The Speed of Light: The Power of Real Time Alerts

Imagine if you could run the entire floor of your event every 3 seconds. EventHero Real-Time Alerts allow you to set up the activities that you want to be made aware of. Has your keynote made it to the facility? Is a VIP from your largest exhibitor on the expo floor for you to talk about renewal? Wouldn’t your exhibitors like to know which attendees went to the 3 sessions that talk about the problems their product solves? You set up the alerts, EventHero sends you a text, email or both at the speed of light when it happens. [bs_button size="lg" type="primary" value="Next: Analytics & Reporting" href="#intelligence"] [/bs_col]
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12th Level Intelligence: Multi-Session Attendance Tracking & Analytics

How many people checked-in at the door? How many people attended the keynote? The workshop? Track number one? Who were they? Are they eligible for continuing education (CE) credits? You’ll know with EventHero Attendance Tracking. Using any iOS smartphone or tablet, you’ll always know which speakers were most popular, which rooms were too small (or too big), which sponsors or exhibitors were most popular and which of your attendees were most engaged. Accomplish all of this with a scan of a badge or a swipe of your finger. (Now that's power.) Activity data is available in real-time and post-event reports are ready for import into your CRM system.   [bs_button size="lg" type="primary" value="Next: Access Control" href="#access"] [/bs_col]

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The Power of Digital Force Fields: Access Control

  • Access to speaker dinners or VIP sessions?
  • Separating expo-only versus full-conference attendees?
  • Multi-Track events?
Easily control access to your event - your entire team can use EventHero to check badges and verify access. [bs_button size="lg" type="primary" value="Next: CRM-Ready Data & Reports" href="#crm"] [/bs_col]
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Telepathy: Know your customers

Bid farewell to communications problems. All EventHero data is easily imported into your CRM or Marketing Automation system. [bs_button size="lg" type="primary" value="Next: Request a Demo" href="#demo"]
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Let us show you! Request a demo.

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