Beyond Bingo Cards

Raffle Ticket Tumbler We always mention that we integrate with over a dozen registration systems (including Eventbrite), because EventHero stands for “End-to-End Event Management” where your data is entered once and flows through to all necessary systems. In the end, your event is all about data and our goal is to eliminate Excel as the industry’s most popular data management tool. While we’re proud of our approach, what does it mean for your event, right now? A great example of how we think about saving you time and creating efficiencies using your data happened a couple weeks ago with a customer that was giving away two big ticket items as part of a raffle at their event. Typically, our customer would uses The Raffler to automate the most common game on the expo floor – The Bingo Card. In the past, an attendee would receive a card with a bunch of exhibitor booths listed on it and were instructed to go around and get them stamped at each booth. Completed cards would be gathered and entered into a fishbowl to select the winner. With The Raffler you can still use the cards if it drives participation, but the selection of the winner is automated, and it’s always monitoring to make sure only valid attendees can win. (e.g. include attendees, exclude exhibitors, etc.) But for the big ticket raffle mentioned above, we went one step beyond The Raffler. Since the prizes exceeded the value of a new car, they wanted to use the raffle to encourage attendees to go to educational sessions, too. They also wanted to do something about the fact that in a normal drawing, the companies that send a dozen delegates would have much better odds of winning than the customers that only send one or two representatives. With EventHero Multi-Session tracking we were able to build a model that compiled all of the check-ins for over 30 different types on sessions, and then do a two-tier drawing so that the most active attendee per company was then allowed entry into the second drawing where the winners were selected. This allowed every attendee the ability to affect the outcome by maximizing their check-ins, and also allowed fair odds for each customer organization. If you’re looking for a better way to use your event data – and run your contests – drop us a line here at EventHero.