Back to Work (aka Happy 2016!)

I’ll admit it, I am a grinch, I’m very happy to get back to my routine. Regardless, I hope your holiday was happy and restful. Here’s to getting the new year off to a great start!

’til next week,

25 EventProfs to Follow on Twitter

I know this list is good, many of them are the sources for this newsletter. The bigger question is – do you think Twitter is dying? Will going up to 10,000 characters change anything or make it worse?

Why You Shouldn’t Play Music at Conference Socials

Here’s an internet rarity – a well researched opinion filled with links to supporting materials.

Self Check-in and On Demand Badge Printing

Is having to check in 1,000 in an hour sound like a line waiting to happen? EventHero rolls out new features to make the mile long line a thing of the past.

Throwing A Startup Party

A bunch of great ideas from Event Manager Blog on creating an event for the kind of business that needs it most.

EventHero Announces The Raffler!

In addition to market leading features as scanning via app, and team based pricing, EventHero has released the Raffler for exhibitors to easily manage giveaways on the Expo floor.

Jaw-Dropping Spaces

A pretty deep article on Experience Design, but you have to check out the video of the Lobby at Las Vegas’ Cosmpolitan.