Adding Raffles to Your Conference and Expo Floor

As an event organizer, you’re constantly asking yourself two questions:
  1. How do I create more value for my attendees?
  2. How do I create more value for my sponsors and exhibitors?
To drive traffic to exhibitor booths, many of you rely on tried and true methods such as having breakfast and cocktail receptions on the exhibit hall floor, but a favorite of many organizers is the “Scavenger Hunt-style” raffle. It usually works like this: attendees receive a card and must visit the booth of a participating exhibitor to have the card stamped, stickered or punched in order to be entered into a raffle for Something Cool. Depending on the size of the event (and the Coolness of the prize) this usually works well enough, but it requires a change in behavior – and effort – on the part of the attendees: they must remember to get the card, visit the right booths, sit through a pitch (whether they’re qualified or not), then put it in The Box to for the drawing later. After being asked by hundreds of our customers for a way to make this process easier – especially those who already use EventHero for badging and Qrious Lead Retrieval – we give you, The Raffler. You’ve probably already guessed that this feature allows you to create and manage raffles for your conference or expo – but without the paper and without asking attendees to radically change their behavior. Like every EventHero feature, we spent a huge amount of time making The Raffler fit seamlessly into your workflow. It goes beyond picking a random winner for your contest, allowing you to configure it to:
  • Include/Exclude all exhibitors
  • Include/Exclude past raffle winners
  • Limit to scanned badges or include all attendees
  • Limit to specific exhibitors – perfect for bingo card promotions or for individual exhibitors
Once enabled, you’ll see the Raffler available on the user interface: raffler1 Select your options, give your raffle a unique name, click create and you’re ready to go! When the time comes switch to the contest screen to choose winners. You can set up as many as you want, each with unique criteria. raffler2 Hmm Thor… Like he needs the Gauntlet… Thanks to all our customers who asked for an Event App for Raffles, showed us how their contests worked, and shared their strategies for successful giveaways! The Raffler is included with every EventHero account. If you’d like to see it in action, contact us for a personalized demo.