Superpower Update: Introducing Express Check-in Event Kiosks and On-Demand Badge Printing

On-Demand Badging with Zebra Printers Here at EventHero, we work with event organizers who produce events of all sizes and types. Since we started, our customers have preferred to print badges in advance and use our simple and fast “scan-and-go” check-in process, coupled with our attendance tracking, lead retrieval, analytics, automations and of course, our turnkey integrations with nearly a dozen registration systems. This type of check-in process is very personal and allows for a high-level of service – more like checking-into a hotel than arriving at an airport. Over time, more and more of our customers have asked us for an on-demand badge printing and self check-in function that works with their favorite registration system. The reasons for this are many: an organizer may be understaffed and can’t handle hotel-style check-in. Sometimes, their events just grow too large and other times, the speed at which they need to get people checked-in to the event is greater than any staff or budget can handle. As always, we continue to be customer-driven, so when enough customers ask for new features, workflows and automation, we listen.

Automate Your Check-in and Badge Printing

So, how do these new EventHero Superpowers work? Superbly, of course.
Express Check-in Kiosks

Express Check-in Kiosks



With Express Check-in, attendees can check-in using two methods: 1) Using an iPad and the EventHero app in kiosk mode, attendees can find themselves in the system by last name, company, email or some other uniquely identifying piece of information. 2) Using the iPad, the EventHero app and the iPad’s front-facing camera, attendees can scan their Express Check-in Code. (Wait. What?!) An Express Check-in Code is a QR code that is sent to your attendees via text message on the morning of your event. When they arrive, they can scan the code right from the screen of their smartphone and the kiosk presents them with their attendee record. (Wait. Why don’t you just use the codes printed on the receipts delivered by Eventbrite, Regonline or any of your other registration partners?) Good question. Here’s an answer, backed by years of data: because only around 20% of attendees actually bring their confirmation with them. If it’s a professional, non-ticketed event (e.g. conference, corporate meeting, meetup, etc.) people don’t think it’s important to bring their confirmations – they assume you can just “look them up in the system.” The Express Check-in Code is independent from any registration system and works whether you’re using Eventbrite, BusyConf, Regonline, Eventgrid, Tito or any of our other supported registration systems. (Or your uploaded spreadsheets, if that’s your thing.)
Event Check-in Kiosk with Zebra Printer

Event Check-in Kiosk with Zebra Printers



Once an attendee has found their record in EventHero, they can double-check their attendee information to make sure it’s correct. If it’s not, they can make changes. If it is, they simply tap Print.

Printing Badges

Using Zebra thermal printers, badges are printed immediately and available for pickup. And, like our other badging services, you’ll get our signature Perfect Badges Every Time as our Badge Generator automatically adjusts for long surnames, long titles and long company names. Attendee information is guaranteed to fit and look good every time. Speaking of looking good, you can pre-print your badge headers in color from one of our EventHero Certified Partners, then just print the attendee information on-demand. color_header_USCA Don’t have time for that? No problem: we can print your badge header as a grayscale image when an attendee prints a badge. This maintains your event branding while saving you time and money.

On-Site Registration

Are you allowing walk-ins at your event? We’ve got you covered. Your attendees can register on-site using any of our supported registration systems on a laptop or tablet. Once registration is completed, the attendee will be sync’d with EventHero and can print a badge in moments.

Same Superpowers

Of course, like all of our name badges, these are uniquely coded and ready for all other EventHero services such as smartphone lead retrieval, attendance tracking, CEU tracking and validation, post-session surveys, VIP Monitoring, attendee messaging and event analytics.

Getting Started

Express Check-in and On-Demand Badging are available now as an option with your EventHero Organizer license. We’ll have a video demo available soon. In the meantime, you can request a personalized demo here.