Tracking CEUs with QR Codes – CEU Badges

Tracking CEU with QR Codes The larger an event gets, the more complicated it can be to track continuing education credits or units – CEC or CEU. For conferences and organizations that provide training and certification, tracking completed continuing education for professionals can be a lot of headache and paper shuffling. An easy way to take the pain out of the process is with QR coded badges – the same badges you can generate from EventHero in a couple of clicks.

The Old Way

Using a typical paper-based system, the workflow usually goes like this:
  • A room monitor is assigned to each meeting room. That person sits there to make sure that everyone who has entered the room has participated in the entire session.
  • A sheet of paper is left with the room monitor so that each person can sign-in and be accounted for.
  • When the session or conference is over, penmanship needs to be deciphered and data needs to be entered manually, usually into the computer system of some certifying body or (gasp) a spreadsheet.
Many of our customers used to spend months of work following an event to complete the data entry process before Continuing Education Credits could be awarded. Much of that time was comparing the attendee list with the scribbles on the sign-in sheet to figure out who was in the room. I’m astounded at the number of professionals who will spend thousands of dollars while giving up days on their calendar, only to scribble illegibly on sign-in sheets and risk missing out on their credits.

The Super Way to CEU

Of course I’m setting up this story of suffering because you can apply EventHero Superpowers to this problem. Here’s a workflow that takes the paper and inaccuracies out of the system: First, of all:
  • No more room monitors
  • No more paper
  • No more data entry
Instead, place an iPad on a stand at the door of each meeting room.  A few minutes before the end of each session, turn them on and login to the EventHero app. On the way out of the session, attendees simply hold their badge in view of the front-facing camera. They’ll receive a satisfying beep along with visual confirmation that they’ve been scanned – and they can feel confident that they’ve just earned their credits. This data is saved in the EventHero cloud and is instantly accessible by your operations team. At the completion of your event, all participant data can be downloaded and confirmed. Contact information for each attendee can be included, so you can send everything straight over to the appropriate associations and/or to the services you use for CEU certificates. EventHero customers have reduced the time it takes to issue certificates from months to hours after the event. EventHero’s badge scanning applications run on smartphones and tablets, so there’s no renting expensive, custom hardware. You can use the phone in your pocket, or inexpensive devices like the iPod Touch.
“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for this newly-found ability to reduce paperwork and to shed our former attendance tracking solution. I noticed our attendees also enjoyed the process and seemed to take a bit of delight in watching the scan successfully take place right before their eyes. In short, this is exactly what we hoped it would be! All certificates of completion for our attendees at both conferences were issued electronically earlier this afternoon.” – Renee G. from Western CPE
Some of our customers produce dozens of events each year, so it made financial sense for them to purchase a set of iPads and ship them from location to location. And that’s just a basic scenario – because tracking attendance is part of the EventHero system, you also have the ability to take advantage of more advanced features. For instance:

Quizzes and Testing

After an exist scan, a text message or email can be sent to that attendee. That message can contain anything you want, including mobile optimized quizzes and tests, enabling the participant to complete their testing while information retention is highest.

Remote Room Monitoring

Event managers can be alerted in real-time if the number of check-ins is not as expected in a meeting room, rather than having to monitor every check-in station just receive alerts from the exceptions. If you have any questions about using QR codes to track CEUs, just contact us at EventHero.