EventHero is Here to Save the Day

Qrious is now EventHero.

New features and integrations are added to the most advanced lead retrieval and badge solution for events. New powers for event managers beyond Qrious lead retrieval.
  • The name Qrious was based on the QR code scanning app for lead retrieval
  • We found our customers love the simple integration with their other tools as much (or more) than our award-winning mobile phone badge scanning product
  • EventHero better reflects our mission of making events simpler for Event Managers by integrating with all the favorite event management tools
  • The Qrious badge scanning apps will keep the name
“The name Qrious emphasized our use of QR coded badges for our mobile phone badge scanning solution. Eliminating the need to rent lead scanning hardware and allowing entire teams to scan badges with the phones they are already carrying 24/7 disrupted the market completely.” said John Federico, CEO and Co-founder of EventHero. “Our customers have said that while the scanning solution is the best technology out there, a huge portion of the value is the simple integration with all of the major registration systems – Eventbrite, ActiveRegonline, BusyConf, Event Espresso, and many more.” The name Qrious will continue to be used for the lead retrieval and badging software products, while new integrations  such as CRM and features including real-time alerts and analytics will be part of EventHero. The announcement was made today at the techsytalk LIVE Event in New York City. “The success of Qrious is allowing John and his team to move up from providing the best point solution for lead retrieval, to applying their expertise on integrations and the ‘big data’ generated by events.” said Liz King, the presenter of techsytalk LIVE and CEO of Liz King Events. “They see the bigger picture: Consolidating all of the great web-based event tools out there seamlessly for event managers.” For more on Event Technology check out the weekly EventTech Digest from EventHero at http://EventHero.io, the EventTech Podcast, and the EventHero Blog. For questions or further info contact [email protected] or @johnjwall