Questions to Ask To Find The Best Lead Retrieval System

Tracking CEU with QR Codes

We’ve talked to hundreds of people reviewing lead retrieval systems and there are a number of questions that come up continually from buyers who have been through systems that have caused them headaches or cost an order of magnitude more than what can be done with the latest technology. If you’re shopping around here’s some … Read more

The #EventTech Podcast: Mark Jauregui, Certain

Mark Jauregui, Certain

John Federico (@gadgetboy) talks with Mark Jauregui, Vice President, Services & Customer Success from Certain. Mark shares his experiences in combining event management with marketing automation to help drive revenue from events.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Use vCards

vCards for Events

If you’re looking for an on-site event management system that includes badging, lead retrieval and attendance tracking for your conference, corporate event or roadshow, find one that doesn’t rely on vCards. She: “Oh, you’re just trying to sell me your software.” Me: “What do you mean?” She: “I can probably find someone to print badges … Read more

The #EventTech Podcast: James Wyler (@james_wyler), Skookum

James Wyler. Skookum

In this event tech case study: John Federico (@gadgetboy) talks with James Wyler (@james_wyler) of Skookum about the benefits (and challenges) of using Bluetooth Beacons for Mobile Wayfinding at High Point Market – the world’s largest home furnishings show.

Answering Your Questions About Nothing

Looking Forward to Nothing: How the Next Generation of Tech will Completely Change Events

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our latest webinar, “Looking Forward to Nothing: How the Next Generation of Tech will Completely Change Events”, in partnership with etouches.