Qrious Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval using any modern smartphone

Qrious Lead Retrieval maximizes the time, money and effort that your sponsors and exhibitors spend at your conference or trade show by making it easy for them to capture, qualify and follow-up on leads faster than ever. In the past, providing Lead Retrieval service has been impractical for the small or medium sized conference due to high cost, reliance on proprietary hardware, proprietary software and for on-site services.

For Conferences and Trade Shows of Any Size

Using our smartphone and our cloud-based software platform, it’s simple and easy for you to generate and print custom QR-coded name badges and for your exhibitors to capture attendee data using any modern smartphone. We designed the Qrious to support event organizers and exhibitors with these key features and benefits in mind:


  • Generate uniquely coded name badges quickly and easily
  • Invite your exhibitors to participate in the service using only an email address
  • Bundle the cost of Qrious Lead Retrieval service in your sponsor or exhibitor package or allow them to provision service directly from Qrious using a credit card using our 1-2-3 step process


  • Order and setup Qrious Lead Retrieval service in minutes
  • Use any modern smartphone and free software to scan badges and collect leads
  • Deliver leads to an exhibitor account in real-time
  • Import leads to any CRM System or Contact Management Tool


Cost structure for the service is also a break from the status quo. In the past, exhibitors were required to rent hardware and often times, pay for each lead they scanned.

Qrious is different.

The exhibitor pays a fixed license fee for the duration of the event, calculated using a simple day rate. There is no fee-per-lead and exhibitors can add as many smartphones to their account as they like. All scanned lead information is aggregated and available in the Exhibitor Control Panel.


For fastest provisioning, event organizers can integrate their registration service by simply copying and pasting a code provided by EventbriteActiveRegOnline, Event Espresso or other supported registration system into your Organizer Control Panel. Don’t worry: Spreadsheets still work. If you’re not using one of our supported registration systems, you can import your attendee data in a spreadsheet and generate your name badges in just a few mouse clicks. Get Started


Frequently Asked Questions:

Qrious is a way for your sponsors or exhibitors to easily capture leads electronically from prospects – without the use of business cards and manual data entry! It’s a lifesaver – trust us – your sponsors will love you for it.
Every attendee receives a name badge for your event with a unique Qrious QR code printed on the badge. Whether they are exhibiting at a booth or table or socializing at a networking event, your sponsors and exhibitors can capture leads from every prospect they meet with a fast and simple scan of the attendee’s name badge. The attendee doesn’t have to fumble around for a business card – and your exhibitor doesn’t have to type the information into their database, contact manager or CRM system.
They get their leads in real-time, right from their Exhibitor Control Panel. This is dependent on the speed and reliability of the wireless connection at your event, but of course, you’ve already taken care of that! If not, 3G/4G connectivity on exhibitor smartphones will work just fine.
No problem – scans are stored on the phone. When an exhibitor gets a reliable net connection for their smartphone, their leads will be confirmed with our server and will immediately appear in their Exhibitor Control Panel.
All of them. EventHero has native Qrious Lead Retrieval apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. Windows Phone and Blackberry users can download a free QR code scanner that works with their smartphone web browser to capture leads.