VIP Monitoring and Notifications

Some customers require extra attention. Wouldn’t it be great to stay a step ahead of them rather than having them come to you with problems?

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Where's My Keynote Speaker?

Imagine getting a text when your keynote speaker has entered the presentation hall. What if you could look at your dashboard and see that five of the six session leaders have arrived but one is not ready to go? Stay ahead with real-time updates.

No Wandering the Floor

Rather than sending your sales rep out to wander the exhibit hall to see which customers of theirs have arrived, have them get a text when VIPs arrive to set up. Personal greetings for everyone rather than walking around hoping exhibitors are around.

Solve Small Problems Before They Become Big Problems

Real time alerts allow you to respond to logistical or customer problems as they happen rather than having that “tough” meeting with your sponsors, or getting poor attendee ratings when it’s too late to do anything about it.

VIP Monitoring and Notifications

Every Event Professional knows that feeling of riding the event wave. You handle the problems in front of you and just pray that everything runs the way its supposed to. Hope no longer has to be your strategy. With EventHero anyone can be sent an email or text message any time an attendee or exhibitor hits a check-in point. Make sure your speakers are where they are supposed to be and on schedule. Check in with your VIP exhibitors prior to floor opening to make sure they are show ready.

Everything Changes When You Can See Everything

What rooms are over capacity? Is there enough time for attendees to get to the session over in the West Hall? Are there enough people in the ballroom so the M.C. can kick off the black tie fundraiser? Tracking raises your ability to plan and create flawless events to a new level.

We designed EventHero to support event professionals with these key features and benefits in mind:


  • Simple admin interface – select the person, set the alert type
  • No data entry, runs against the attendee list and schedule already in the system
  • Updated real time as registration desk and room monitors scan badges with the mobile app

At The Door

  • Using the power of today’s mobile devices scanning is accurate and intstantaneous
  • Simple search functions and simple buttons for manual check-in
  • All data backed up in the cloud in real time
  • Everyone’s list is accurate and updated real time, every person using the app can see the status of all guests at all times


VIP Monitoring and Notifications comes as part of your EventHero Analytics Package.


For fastest provisioning, event organizers can integrate their registration service by simply copying and pasting a code provided by EventbriteActiveRegOnline, Event Espresso or other supported registration system into your Organizer Control Panel.

Don’t worry: Spreadsheets still work.

If you’re not using one of our supported registration systems, you can import your attendee data in a spreadsheet and the check-in app will be populated and ready to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


EventHero VIP Monitoring and Notification allows you to see whenever anyone at the event hits a checkpoint you set up, and then notifies you or a member of your staff with a text message or email. There’s no limit to how it can be applied, it can be as simple as keeping track of which of your keynote speakers or sponsors have arrived to as complex as determining which sessions are the most popular and automatically soliciting session feedback from attendees after the session they checked into has finished.

Everyone at your event receives a name badge with a unique EventHero QR code printed on it. Anyone working the event loads the EventHero Attendee Check-in app and is able to scan badges or manually look up attendees and check them in with a tap. This data is gathered in the cloud and allows you to monitor it real time, or have the system watch it for you and send email or text messages when your criteria are met.

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