Real-time Audience Polling

Customizable attendee surveys with real-time results through our EventHero Certified Partners

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Better Response Rates

Texting a link at the right time has been more than twice as effective as paper forms.


Easily Customized

Surveys can be delivered through a number of EventHero Certified Partners based on your needs including survey complexity and integrations.

Real-Time Results

Measure session satisfaction in real-time, actionable results immediately, not days after the event.


Real-Time Speaker Evaluation Surveys / Audience Feedback

Getting feedback from attendees is the event professional’s best way to measure the quality of presentations, and in turn, attendee satisfaction. Unfortunately many give up on surveys entirely after years of leaving copied pages on seats and hoping for a 20% response rate worth of sheets left in the cardboard box at the back of the room.

Including speaker evaluations as part of an integrated attendee communication plan powered by EventHero is a win on every front – less effort than paper surveys, huge increases in response rates, and real-time results.

For Events of Any Size

Take advantage of the data you’ve already assembled – attendee data is imported from your registration system, and your session schedule has already been loaded into EventHero for multi-session tracking. Just add the survey component and set up the delivery options (email or text) and you’re ready to go.

We designed EventHero to support event professionals with these key features and benefits in mind:


  • Connect to your existing registration system to populate attendee data
  • Upload your calendar to eliminate data entry for multi-session check-in
  • Real-time results through the analytics dashboard

At The Door

  • Using the power of today’s mobile devices scanning is accurate and intstantaneous
  • Simple search functions and simple buttons for manual check-in
  • All data backed up in the cloud in real time
  • Trigger survey links to attendees via email or text for the specific session at the right time


Session evaluations are included as part of the analytics add on and are priced based on number of sessions and event size. Contact us to learn more.


For fastest provisioning, event organizers can integrate their registration service by simply copying and pasting a code provided by EventbriteActiveRegOnline, Event Espresso or other supported registration system into your Organizer Control Panel.

Don’t worry: Spreadsheets still work.

If you’re not using one of our supported registration systems, you can import your attendee data from a spreadsheet then configure your surveys and triggers and you’re ready to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Speaker Evaluations and Audience Feedback are systems set up to gather information from your attendees to gauge their satisfaction with your event.

Every attendee receives a name badge for your event with a unique EventHero QR code printed on the badge. When they are checked into a session EventHero is aware of this and will send a link to a survey at the end of the session (everyone can get a survey customized for the individual session, and sent exactly at the right time). Survey software is administered through an EventHero Certified Partner with the help of your own EventHero Service Representative. As opposed to paper forms you’ll get your results in real-time.

Real-time gives you a completely new dimension for improving attendee experience. The most common is the ability to repeat the most popular and highest rated sessions. Offering the highest rated sessions of day 1 and day 2 again on day 3 gives attendees the best value for their time. It can also be useful in identifying A/V or other venue problems, even things as simple as rooms being too far apart to remain on schedule.
Not unless you need them to for some other reason. To maximize response rate we recommend sending a text message to the attendee with a link for their browser. We have many options for web-based surveys, and these pull better than requesting to install an app. If there’s web access, you get results.

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