Registration Integration

Adding event software that doesn’t integrate with your registration system is only making your life more difficult.

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No Data Entry

If you’re on one of the more popular event registration systems, just enter your API and you’re ready to go. EventHero also supports over a dozen registration systems across a wide array of verticals, that require no data entry.

Broad Support

EventbriteActiveRegOnline, Event Espresso are the three most common systems our customers use and are supported right out of the box.

Professional Services For Your Unique Case

If you’re using something off the beaten path or homegrown for your specific needs, our professional services group offers affordable integration solutions.

No Additional Work Thanks To Registration Integration

It’s become cliche in the event tech space – someone announces a cool new product with groundbreaking functions and then a prospect asks “How will do I get my data in there and keep it in sync?” And blank stares in return.

All of the cool features in the world mean nothing if they don’t take work off your plate, or worse yet create more work for you and your team. EventHero was built on the belief that our job is to create great event tech that takes headaches away – and integration is at the core of that.

For Events of Any Size

We designed EventHero to support event professionals with these key features and benefits in mind:


  • Connect to your existing registration system to populate all downstream apps
  • Just upload your calendar to layer your schedule over the rest of your data
  • A simple desktop dashboard to manage all integrations and review analytics

At The Door

  • All data backed up in the cloud in real time
  • Everyone’s list is accurate and updated real time, every person using the app or dashboard can see the status of all guests at all times
  • Mobile devices scanning is accurate and instantaneous for keeping data current


Supported registration systems are included at no charge. Custom integrations are built on demand, contact us for a quote.


For fastest provisioning, event organizers can integrate their registration service by simply copying and pasting a code provided by EventbriteActiveRegOnline, Event Espresso or other supported registration system into your Organizer Control Panel.

Don’t worry: Spreadsheets still work.

If you’re not using one of our supported registration systems, you can import your attendee data in a spreadsheet and the check-in app will be populated and ready to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Most events take advantage of a short list of registration providers – online solutions such as EventbriteActiveRegOnline, or Event Espresso that allow them to sell tickets on line and manage the registration process. If you want to take advantage of other event technology you want to be sure that the data you’ve already gathered in your registration system can be automatically passed on to these other systems so you don’t have to worry about exports, data transformation, imports, and mangled imports.

For supported registration systems it’s as simple as entering your key code in EventHero, our platform takes it from there.

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