It’s not about collecting tons of data, it’s about making your events better and your life less stressful.

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How'd the event REALLY go?

Until now your opinion of your event would be based on the small number of people you had a chance to talk to while taking care of everything else, and maybe a handful of speaker evaluations. Change everything with EventHero, capture data and review results immediately.

Your Dashboard

What if you had Super Vision? See how registration is going, which sessions are scoring well, which exhibitors are doing well getting leads. All through the EventHero interface.

Fully Integrated

The dashboard is initially fed by data from your registration system (or a spreadsheet) and can be used to trigger alerts to keep pushing actionable information forward without you having to build all kinds of overhead that you don’t have time for anyway.


You know how in all the super hero movies there’s that room with all the monitors where they watch everything going on in the whole world, giving the good guys a tactical advantage every step of the way? Now that’s you. Well, probably on site with your laptop and an uncomfortable chair, not a wall of monitors and some superhero throne. But the results are the same – monitor more than ever before.

For Events of Any Size

To be honest, you really want to see a demo of the product, there’s a bunch of features like multi-session tracking, attendee survey results, alerts via email or text – all controlled via the admin dashboard. It’s a lot easier seeing it in action than reading about it.

We designed EventHero to support event professionals with these key features and benefits in mind:


  • Straightforward user interface that you can jump in and use
  • Gateway to all integrations and analytics


The analytics dashboard is included with any analytics package. The price of the package is base upon number of sessions you are monitoring, and event size.


For fastest provisioning, event organizers can integrate their registration service by simply copying and pasting a code provided by EventbriteActiveRegOnline, Event Espresso or other supported registration system into your Organizer Control Panel.

Don’t worry: Spreadsheets still work.

If you’re not using one of our supported registration systems, you can import your attendee data in a spreadsheet and the check-in app will be populated and ready to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Analytics is a catch-all term for any software that measures performance and presents the data to you in a useful fashion – most often graphs and tables.

If you are going to take advantage of the analytics package you’ll be adding services that gather more data than our standard badging and lead retrieval system. This data is displayed on the analytics dashboard, simply log in via browser and you are ready to go. Sign up for a demo to see it in action today.

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