The EventHero Formula

EventHero specializes in a simple and straightforward Event Technology approach for events with basic needs:

  • Simple registration workflow
  • Off and On-Site QR coded name badge printing
  • Lead Retrieval for Exhibitors or Vendors

We call it the EventHero Formula and it’s only got a few parts.

Before the Event

Add your Attendee Data to EventHero by connection to Eventbrite or a dozen other registration systems. You can also upload a simple spreadsheet.

Design Avery compatible badges and generate templates to print your pre-registered attendees badges, use Brother labels on-site, or have your badges printed by a third party.

Invite your exhibitors or vendors to participate in Qrious Lead Retrieval.

At the Event

Check-in Attendees and give them their badge at Registration with the EventHero Organizer App.

On-site registrants get a professional QR Coded badge too, you can print a label via a Brother Label printer and simply affix it to a blank badge. Lost badges or changed badges look consistent and professional for attendees as well, nobody feels like they didn’t get the “cool” event badge.

After the Event

Exhibitors will get a lead report, and you can download your check-in report, and now it’s celebration time!

The EventHero formula works best for events that need simple badging and lead retrieval, where smooth event day logistics are key to both the attendees and exhibitors value.

What else can EventHero do?

Have single or multitrack sessions you want to track? The EventHero organizer app allows your team to check-in and out Attendees via a simple badge scan. Want to send an email or SMS message as a follow up to a session check-in? We can do that too.

The raffler allows you to setup either basic raffles that include all attendees, or more advanced ones that require attendees to be scanned by one or more exhibitor to be entered.

To learn more about EventHero, take a test drive or set up a demo today!

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