Best Event Management Software

There are so many different event management software out there, which one is the best option for you? Rather than focusing on the traditional event management platforms (that you probably are already familiar with), I wanted to shift the focus to the most innovative event management solutions available in the market. These are companies that are changing the way events are managed, and are ready to disrupt the industry. Get ready!

Best Event Management Software & Innovative Platforms

If you are an event professional, you know that looking for the best event management software and technology is no easy task. Here are a few ideas that can help you manage better events and provide a better attendee experience. Are we missing something? Please leave a comment or reachout on Twitter. Happy reading!

Digital Swag Bag: Virtual Event Bags

Digital swag bags are a great solution to minimize waste and save time (no more putting swag bags together!), while also having an easy-to-measure solution for your event sponsors and exhibitors. With Virtual Event Bags, you can send a number of swag options, such as coupon codes for online or in-store shopping, a voucher to redeem items at the exhibitor’s booth or retail store, an opportunity to invite attendees to schedule a one-on-one product demo during the event, and more.

Event Management Software & Automation Platform: Attendease

Ideal for event professionals who manage multiple events, Attendease helps you to scale and repeat events without breaking a sweat. You can build your event website, build the registration form and booking process, manage and automate email communication, manage speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, and more. The platform also has built-in analytics and integrates with other tools, including SalesForce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Slack. Attendease Event Platform from Attendease on Vimeo.

Lead Retrieval: EventHero

EventHero’s lead retrieval system is the fastest and easiest way to get exhibitors up and running to scan badges at your event. Unlimited team based scanning, easy downloading of leads, and support for any pricing system makes it an easy choice.

Gamification: Poken

Poken is a cloud-based platform that enables event organizers and exhibitors to create interactive and exciting events. The tool brings together the digital and physical event spaces to drive engagement and gain better insight into real data and it’s recommended for larger events. There are many creative ways Poken can be integrated to an event, and by the end of it, you can see all the interactions and touchpoints recorded in a chronological format. The data can be used to gain insights from attendees, generate leads, and for engagement tracking.

Presentation: Visual Collaboration

With attendee experience and engagement being one of the hot topics in the industry in the past year, Visual Collaboration offers a presentation game-changer that empowers the speaker to keep the audience captivated. Presenters can ask the audience to share their ideas directly on the presentation and show multiple results in the form of a heat map, as well as providing annotations for feedback. Watch the video to learn how it works.  

Event Mobile App: Superevent

Superevent is a self-service app available for iOS and Android, and offers a web-based HTML version to cover desktop and other mobile platforms. This is a good solution if you manage small events, as the free version can have up to 50 users and covers all the lite features. For larger events, you may consider a more robust solution, tailor-made to your needs, as Superevent is an out of the box solution with a specific set of features available.

Entertainment: FastBar

Everyone hates long bar lines. They reduce attendee satisfaction and impact bar revenue. FastBar solves the problem of long bar lines for special events with a simple, cashless, high-speed payment solution that improves attendee satisfaction, and increases bar revenue. You can see the activation process and see it in action in this YouTube video. Technology can provide unique opportunities to connect people together, while also helping teams to run events more efficiently. Having access to real-time data and automated processes can help you make better decisions and make better use of your time. There are many solutions available to choose from: imagine how many challenges you could solve with some simple changes to your event management process! Use technology to your advantage and start managing events the smart way. Do you have any challenges that you don’t know how to address? Leave us a comment!   About the author: Julia Sousa is the Marketing Growth Manager at Attendease, an award-winning event management software solution for corporate event teams. Attendease is built to simplify the entire event management process, driving efficiency and reducing costs. Twitter handle: @julha_a Company twitter handle: @Attendease