People v. Technology, Storytelling and More Beer

This week we’ve got video, tactics for better storytelling to sell your event, and a great article about technology changing the face of sport. Hope your summer is off to a good start, @johnjwall

Are People More Important Than Technology?

The tables are turned on EventTech Podcast Host John Federico as he’s interviewed on Events Uncovered TV. Hear why it’s not about technology replacing people but being able to understand them better.

Self Check-in and On Demand Badge Printing

Is having to check in 1,000 in an hour sound like a line waiting to happen? EventHero rolls out new features to make the mile long line a thing of the past.

Storytelling to Boost Your Next Event

Eventgrid CEO Niraj Shah covers tactics to inspire and promote your next event.

Tribalization, Safaris and More!

Some interesting concepts here. I love the idea of an in-room moderator who asks questions on behalf of the online audience.

Free White Paper: Using Eventbrite for your Expo

After years of working with Eventbrite we have a list of best practices that explains how to use Eventbrite for lead retrieval, booth sales, and more.

Big Data at Wimbledon

Technology is changing the face of events – everything from getting to know more about your favorite player (and Watson knowing who your favorite is by watching you), to increasing concession sales.