Calling all Road Warriors!

We are working on a new project gathering best practices at road shows. If you run a multi-city event we would love to get your input and give you early access to the results. To learn more check out this blog post or just reply to this newsletter, I’d love to hear from you. Now on to the news…’til next time, @johnjwall

Adding 1-to-1 Meetings to Your Event

The EventTech Podcast: Andy Pickup, CEO and Founder of MeetMax talks about getting the most valuable contact time at your event.

How the Event Industry Will Evolve in the Next 20 Years

Events becoming the most important facet of Marketing? Kevin Jackson thinks so and outlines why.

Free White Paper: Using Eventbrite for your Expo

After years of working with Eventbrite we have a list of best practices that explains how to use Eventbrite for lead retrieval, booth sales, and more.

Are You A Road Warrior?

We are putting together all of the best practices that our customers have discovered from their time in the trenches and we’d love to talk with you too.

Self Check-in and On Demand Badge Printing

Is having to check in 1,000 in an hour sound like a line waiting to happen? EventHero rolls out new features to make the mile long line a thing of the past.

Creating an Experience at the Super Bowl

Michael Schaiman, managing partner at Helios talks about digital experiences such as making your own Hall of Fame statue while you’re at the big game.