Calling All Road Show Warriors

Road ShowAre you running a road show? We are talking about what works and would like to hear from you. Over the past two years we’ve worked with a dizzying array of events: The classic annual conference, continuing education events that require multi-session tracking, and smaller events where badge scanning is finally affordable. Far and away we’ve seen the most excitement from road shows, events that take a smaller, usually single track event through multiple cities. For a road show, a streamlined registration system, badging process and being able to offer full featured lead retrieval gives even the most lean and mean team the ability to pull off a show not much different from one done by a $2 billion dollar company (odds are all you are missing is a famous celebrity/rock star, and some five-figure keynotes; people that don’t really have anything to do with your business or customers #EndRant).

Are you a road show warrior?

We are putting together all of the best practices that our customers have discovered from their time in the trenches and we’d love to talk with you.

What’s in it for you?

Our design team has done “concert tour” style logos if you’d like to do something special for your road crew, or we can share with you our research on over a dozen registration systems that we’ve done integrations with so you can see what would work best with your road show. And of course anyone involved will get some link love to promote your event both on our site and from some of our partners as well as the EventTech Podcast. Drop me a line at jwall at if you’d like to talk road shows, or just get on the list for a copy of the guide when it is complete, I’d love to hear from you.